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I'm a writer and digital marketer who found her love for gaming after finishing graduate school. For six months a friend of mine tried to get me to play League of Legends. I finally caved and never looked back. Since then I've played every Riot Game except Legends of Runeterra (sorry card game enthusiasts) and learned the ins and outs of tournament operations.

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 Digital Marketing   Social Media

 Editing   Tournament Operations 

I organize and market esports events.

4 years ago I stumbled into the amateur League of Legends scene. I started out as a player and quickly got involved with Risen Esports as their social media person. From there I learned how to manage tournaments, vet players, and run community events. Now I run the Risen Champions League and Risen Divine League, two popular tournaments in the League of Legends amateur space. 

My ultimate goals during an event are creating a space where players are given room to grow, promoting players and exciting moments on social media, and, most importantly, ensuring everyone has fun. If you're looking for someone who knows how to create an online tournament from the ground up, talk to potential sponsors, and market it on social media and Twitch, I'm your person.

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