I've been writing since I was a kid. My focus started out in poetry and branched off into content marketing after I got into the digital marketing space. I have a BA in English from Northern Kentucky University and a MFA in poetry from the University of Virginia. I've written blog posts for the early education, digital marketing, and Esports spaces. I also have experience as an editor, proofreader, and ghostwriter.

Selected publications below.

Content Marketing

Personal Stuff

Get Personal: A Guide to Targeted Marketing Campaigns


Benefits of targeted marketing campaigns and how companies have successfully implemented them in their brand and product marketing.


Dive in to Summer with Social Media Marketing


How can you use your social media accounts to drive engagement for user-generated marketing campaigns during the summer months?


Movies and Social Media: Marketing Films with New Media


Marketers don't need to use the same old social media methods to create buzz for movies.

Home Desk Art

A Marketer’s Guide to Tumblr


The ins and outs of using Tumblr as a marketing tool.

Early Education

Girl with Mask

3 Ways to Talk to Children About the Coronavirus


How to talk to children about the coronavirus and ease fears.

Preschool Class

Using Open-Ended Questions in the Classroom


Resources for incorporating open-ended questions into an early learning classroom.

Dancing at Home

Use This Daily Schedule to Keep Children at Home Engaged (ghostwriter)


How to keep a daily schedule with your children as they're learning from home.

Daycare Center

Family Child Care: The Impact of CLASS®


The impact of the CLASS tool in family childcare settings.


League of Legends Worlds trophy

The new amateur League of Legends scene and how Risen Esports fits into it!


An overview of the LCS Proving Grounds circuit.

League of Legends champions

3 Rampage Premade Play-Ins Teams to Watch


Teams to keep an eye on in our Gold Premade League.

Team playing a competitive game

Dominate Open Finals Interview with Arctic Ops


Interview with the players of Arctic Ops, a League of Legends team.



Two poems.

Butterfly on Branch

Sideshow & The God of Forgetting


Merope, After


One poem.




One poem.

Other publications include: West Branch, Passages North, Connotation Press, Sixth Finch, THRUSH Poetry Journal, and Devil's Lake.